Espionage (2014) - Full Movie


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Well, it's finally here after months of technical difficulties. I did finish this in December, 2014, but was unable to get it up until now. This was just something all of my siblings and I did together, and it was loads of fun! This wasn't made to be a perfect cinematic movie, but rather just as something all of us siblings could come together and do, before more of us start leaving for college. This is more of a family project, and was first suggested by my brother Sammy, who loves action movies, and was urged on by our mom. Adeline, who is blooming into a fantastic young writer, and I continued to flesh it out into a full script, and we started filming. We never thought it would be this long, but that made it all the more fun. We also filmed and completed this before my new brother Demisu came home, which is why he does not appear in this, but hopefully we'll be able to make another project some day in which he appears. As a sort of disclaimer brought on by some of my siblings' concerns, all cheesiness is purely a parody of some Hollywood movies. So, if you ever feel uncomfortable because of the insane velveeta you are seeing on screen, then rest assured, so did we, and it is all intentional. We also realize that not a lot of actual "Espionage" shows up in this movie, but it was the first title we gave it, and it sounds cool! Maybe it should have been called the Secret Service, but that's too late now. As another and more serious disclaimer, I do not own the copyrights to some of the elements of this video, but I'm not gaining any money from this either, so thank you so much for watching and enjoy!



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